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Scientific and production company Sensorika
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Scientific and production company “Sensorika” was organized in 1991 on the basis of subdivisions of FSUE of automatics in accordance with a conversion plan.

The principle directions of the enterprise’s activity are:

  • development and production of control and measuring devices and automation devices;
  • realization of automated control systems of technological processes in various branches of industry.

SPC “Sensorika” possesses:

  • the license for production and maintenance of measuring devices;
  • the licenses for design engineering and production of equipment for nuclear power facilities;
  • the license for execution of works concerned with state secret;
  • the certificate of self-regulating company for design, erection and commissioning works.

All produced sensors and measuring devices are certified and included in the state registers of measuring devices of the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan. The equipment designed for operation in explosion hazard rooms, has regulatory authorities approval.

The quality system of the enterprise is certified against the ISO 9001:2000 international standard.

The company produces:

  • Resistance thermometers;
  • Thermoelectric converters;
  • Temperature sensors for nuclear power stations;
  • Mounting elements;
  • Thermo rods and thermo suspensions for granaries and elevators;
  • Paired thermometers КТП-9201 for heat accounting;
  • Float-level sensors;
  • Sensors of absolute, excess and hydrostatic pressure;
  • Indicator-communicator;
  • Video graphic (paperless) recorders;
  • Meters-recorders;
  • Multichannel converters (measuring controllers);
  • Secondary instruments;
  • Normalizing transducers (signal normalizers);
  • PID controllers;
  • Input-output modules;
  • Interface modules;
  • Power units;
  • Spark-protecting barriers;
  • Surge protection devices;
  • Instrument cabinets;
  • Indicator panel.

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620026, Ekaterinburg, o/b 204

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